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Peer Reviews

We understand that independent peer reviews of products help the audiophile community and are sometimes a key part of the experience. Below are some recent reviews that we have sourced. If you believe there are any others that we should add to the list, please send them through to us via the contact page.

Current Models
Stereonet Australia – LM-32DAC Digital to Analogue Converter (2020)
Twittering Machines – Lm-845iA Integrated Amplifier (2020)
Soundstage Australia – Lm-845 Premium Integrated Amplifier (2020)
Stereonet Australia – LM-805iA Integrated Amplifier (2020)
HiFi Advice – LP-33 Phono Stage (2020)
HiFi Advice – LM-88iA, LM150iA, LM-845iA, LM-805iA and LM-845 Premium Integrated Amplifiers (2018)

Previous Models
Steve Huff – LM-219iA Integrated Amplifier
Dagogo – LM-219iA Integrated Amplifier
Stereophile – LM-518iA Integrated Amplifier
Enjoy the Music – LM-210iA Integrated Amplifier
Witchdoctor – LM-502CA DAC
Audio @ Home – LM-211iA Integrated Amplifier

Customer Reviews

Even more important to us are reviews by our customers – people who are so impressed by the Line Magnetic equipment that they want to share their experiences. Below are their stories. If you have an experience that you think we should add to the list, please send them through to us via the contact page.

LM-34iA Integrated Amplifier (EL34 Tubes)

We recently had some initial feedback on the Line Magnetic LM-34iA from a very happy customer which we would like to share:

“Listened for a couple of hours last night, first things I noticed

  • I have a soundstage now, yay. haha
  • Instruments sound like actual instruments. You can “see” the bass strings for example.
  • bass was large and boomy compared to my SS amp. i put a sock in my bass port to get rid of the boomyness. as the speakers are in the same position as the SS amp im assuming this is to do with the control of the low end??
  • One surprising thing i didnt think was an actual thing in music was speed or urgency. There were a few songs i thought were “slower” and this amp was just a beat quicker or up on its toes. i bet you love when people cant talk “audio” . haha

Basically the amp gave me what i was missing with my current SS. a curtin taken off the mid range and exciting brought back into the music. A performance rather than 2 speakers.”

Further update:

“Played around a bit more this weekend.

I have 2 DACs that can be used as a pre as well. Interestingly when I bypassed the amps pre it got rid of the boomyness I was talking about. Did this only for a test and now it’s back as an integrated.

Having used it for about 10-15hrs only I feel like it is already starting to clean up. Also the dynamics become apparent when the boomyness is gone.

And another also it shows up your system very easily, the difference between my DACs is very apparent. NAD m51 is alot more exciting and detailed while the benchmark DAC 1 is not as much, possibly hits a little harder on the bottom end.”

LM-34iA Integrated Amplifier (EL34 Tubes)

We recently had some feedback on the Line Magnetic LM-34iA from a very happy customer which we would like to share:

“Thanks very much, it is truly a work of art and the sound quality is absolutely superb. The packing was excellent and secure.

I’ll be sure to recommend your service and communication.”

ER845 Tube Matched Pair

We recently had the opportunity to hand deliver and install some ER845 tubes for a very happy customer – their feedback below:

“As promised, just a quick update on my ongoing experience with the 845 valves…………..they did seem to settle in up to about 10 hours but since then their factory burn in seems to have essentially done it’s  job and I cannot pick any further sonic advancements. I’m simply enjoying my records so much more which is all I’m really after. There is really no serious comparison which can be drawn between them  and the Psvane/Shuguang valves (which perform pretty damn well anyway) – the Elrogs do everything so much better.”

Further Update:

“For the hell of it, just 30 minutes ago I put the Elrogs in the LM518iA…..have you tried them in a LM845? The combination makes music like nobody’s business. Seriously, under normal circumstances (non COVID-19) you deserve to be selling LM by the truckload!”

LM-150iA Integrated Amplifier (KT150 Tubes)

We recently had some feedback on the Line Magnetic LM-150iA from a very happy customer which we would like to share:

“Quick report on amp. After 2 weeks of letting things run in including some new cables I have to say I’m ecstatic with the way the LM 150iA has fitted in with my system.

The music is spacious with a wide sound stage and imaging is spot on with the ATC SM11. It drives them effortlessly with tight control, the bass and midrange are perfect in my system but it’s the high range treble that’s sublime to my ears.

I can’t imagine suffering any listening fatigue with this amp.

It is a perfect midway point between SS and SE tube which is just what I was chasing, thanks for everything!”

LM-88iA Integrated Amplifier (KT88 Tubes)

We recently had some feedback on the Line Magnetic LM-88iA from a very happy customer which we would like to share:

“Well, two weeks and about fifty hours of use, into my LM88IA now. How is it sounding?? Really nice for a fact. The sound it produces is very agreeable with my tastes.

I have always liked how KT88’s go about their business, and in the LM88IA, they are no exception to the rule. My experience with JJ/Tesla tubes has always been good, and the standard issue tubes follow that. They take 10 – 15 hours to ‘ clear their throat ‘ so to speak, then open up nicely. For me, they start off quite tight and controlled, then mature into a firm, beautiful bass. The all important midrange develops into a lush and open presentation, reproducing even the smallest details. Nice and warm without being mushy. The high end tends to be quite bright, but without chime and ringing. Very clean and clear. The pre tubes seem to match well with the power tubes.. I haven’t rolled them yet, and don’t really want to, for a few hundred hours yet. Eventually, maybe. As it stands, the tube squad seems to be a pretty reasonable coalition.

The amplifier itself is very well presented. Beautiful high gloss finish for all but the front plate, with that being a brushed satin black. Very classy. Clean and understated screen printing with the LM logo on the front plate and on top of the toroidal transformer housing (middle of the three housings ). A nice touch is the large and heavy brushed/polished and etched volume control knob. The ‘ Tommy Bar ‘ style input selector knob to me, seems a little at odds with the rest of the front panel, and maybe a smaller version of the volume knob could look better. Just a thought and only my personal tastes. There’s certainly no confusion as to what input is selected, with the bar pointing truly at the current selection.

The orange indicator LED’s, on/off, ultralinear/triode, and volume pointer, sit well with the black finish, and don’t take away from the glow of the tubes in a darkened listening environment. Same with the bias indicator backlight, also a subdued orange. Apart from the glow from the tubes, that’s it for lighting.

The back panel is clean and very easy to use. Good quality binders and standard gold plated RCA jacks for the inputs. The tube cage is, well,…. a tube cage. Gloss finished, and easy to remove and replace, very standard in appearance and similar to offerings from other manufacturers.

A quick word on the gloss finish. To me, this is indicative of a high standard of base preparation, something worth highlighting! Other manufacturers seem to go for an all over matte or wrinkle finish, to cover up poor base preparation maybe???

Switching the amp on is pretty uneventful. The volume control led flashes during heater warmup, then after about 30 seconds, changes to continuous to indicate B+ voltage has been applied to the plates and the amp is ready for use. It likes 10 minutes or so to fully warm up,and give its best, but this doesn’t mean you cant listen straight after B+ application.

45WRMS ultralinear. Not a huge amount of power you think? Well, be prepared to change your mind.. This amp will alter how you look at outright power figures, even with speakers of average dB/SPL’s. It drives 87/88dB/SPL speakers with ease. I have used my 100 litre, three way transmission line floorstanders rated at 96dB/SPL with excellent results. One thing the sensitive speakers do however, is to make hum apparent, especially in power amp configuration. Its not loud and with music playing even quietly, cannot be heard. But it is there at idle, if you listen carefully to the speakers. This is however, part of the territory with tube amps and quite normal. Switching to 46 litre, three way Visaton Classic 200 floorstanders, at 88dB/SPL, and the hum is all but gone in power amp configuration, and not discernable at all, in integrated configuration to my ears. My preference speaker wise is certainly the Visatons, but I am still to give my Krix Lyric’s ( 91dB/SPL 2 1/2 way d’appolito layout ) a run on this amp, so we’ll see on that one, I guess.

Would I change anything with the LM88IA? Hmmmm, maybe being an ‘ Integrated Amp ‘, the addition of a headphone jack would be a plus. Head Fi fans aren’t catered for in this case, but I guess there are some nice dedicated headphone amps out there. Line Magnetic has one in the LM-mini84ia. I use my Sennheiser HD600’s with my old 8WRMS single ended tube amp and that suits me fine.

Am I happy overall with the LM88IA? Most definitely! A high quality tube amp, Australian delivered and supported. Would I buy it second time around? YES.”

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