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Line Magnetic’s flagship horn speaker, the LM-3 follows the design concept of the classic Western Electric Horn system.

The LM-3 system is an extraordinary audio system for listening to music and playback the original sound. It comes in two options, the standard Alnico version and a Field Coil version.

The LM-3 Alnico version combines the following drivers:
Tweeter: LM-302
Mid-Range: 22A Horn with 555 (Alnico Version)
Woofer: BA-18 (Alnico Version)
Crossover: TA-7376

The LM-3 Field Coil version combines the following drivers:
Tweeter: HT-70CU (Horn version)
Mid-Range: 22A Horn and 555 (Field Coil Version)
Woofer: TA-4181 (Field coil Version)
Crossover: TA-7376
Power Supply: PR-22

Frequency response: 38Hz~20KHz
Input sensitivity: 105dB
Power: 100W
Impedance: 16Ω

The PR-22 Three Way Field Coil Power Supply is an adjustable tube rectifier low voltage field coil power supply, specifically designed for low voltage, high current application of field coil drivers. It uses a low voltage tube as the tube rectifier for the power supply.

The main circuit concept of the PR22 follows the Western Electric WE4144 design. Output voltage is from DC 7V to 24V. It can also be used as a power supply for WE, RCA etc drivers.In order to monitor the current during adjustment there is a meter installed on the front so that you can monitor during adjustment.

PR-22 Specifications:
Input Voltage Range: 220V~240V/AC 50Hz~60Hz, 100V~120V/AC 50Hz~60Hz
Output Voltage Range Three Steps:
LOW: DC 10-24V / 0.5~2A
MID: DC 3-10V / 0.5~2A
HIGH: DC 3-10V / 0.5~2A.
Weight: 39Kg
Tubes: 4 x EL-6C

LM-3 Dimension: 900 x 2080 x 690 mm
PR-22 Dimension: 485 x 320 x 450 mm

Instruction Manual

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