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Line Magnetic Australia are proud to be the national distributors of Elrog Vacuum tubes.

It is with great excitement we announce that Line Magnetic Australia has been appointed the exclusive national distributor for ELROG Vacuum tubes.

These bespoke, handcrafted vacuum tubes are regarded as among the best, if not the best in world of production valves today.

About Elrog

Located in Germany, Deutsche Elektronenröhren Manufaktur GmbH was founded by Tube Amplifier Designer and Manufacturer Thomas Mayer in August 2016 to take over the manufacture of ELROG Vacuum tubes.

ELROG tubes were originally made by ELROG Elektronenröhren GmbH & Co KG, which was founded in 1986. The roots of the company reach all the way back to the famous Telefunken tube works in Ulm. In 2016 ELROG was forced to register for insolvency. All assets, production machines, brand names and know how were acquired by Deutsche Elektronenröhren Manufaktur GmbH.

ELROG tubes continue to be manufactured on the original production line at the original location of the former ELROG GmbH in the city of Hagenow, located in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The headquarter of Deutsche Elektronenröhren Manufaktur GmbH resides in the city of Lindau on Lake Constance.

Since founding the new company, Thomas reviewed all tube designs, engineering significant upgrades to improve sound quality and long term reliability. The product portfolio has been extended from the original line up of 211, 845 and 300B tubes and includes 10 different tube types today. The tubes are entirely hand made in Germany by highly skilled and passionate people.

For updates and news about ELROG tubes you can visit Thomas’ blog here.

Local Support

All ELROG products are covered by a 12-month replacement warranty. In other words, if you purchase a pair and one tube fails within 12 months, you’ll receive a replacement pair – we think this is the best tube warranty available on the planet at the moment!


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